Cancer Rehabilitation

During and after cancer treatment it is important to that you keep doing the things you enjoy and keep being you! Cancer treatment can be overwhelming and cause physical and psychological changes. By getting to know you, our caring team help you maintain and regain your strength and fitness, improve your confidence and feel in control.

Trinity Physio Weybridge
Why should we be a part of your Cancer Team?
By guiding and supporting you through your cancer treatment and helping to minimise the side effects, we can help improve your long term wellbeing. The benefits our services provide include:
• Restoring function, movement and strength
• Reducing pain and easing muscular tension
• Managing scars and other related post-operative conditions
• Delivering safe, individualised exercise programs
• Managing fatigue, both during and after treatment and improving energy levels
• Supporting your whole body, not just the cancer
• Providing self-management strategies to help you maintain your health
• Improving your confidence and maintaining your independence
• Helping you return to the life you love
• Strengthening core muscles and improve posture
• Shifting focus from illness to wellness

What treatment do we use?
• Hands on manual therapy including massage, myofascial release and joint mobilisations
• Individualised clinical pilates, stretching and breathing techniques
• Fatigue management
• Exercise prescription and resistance training