about us

Trinity Physio Weybridge
At Trinity Physiotherapy, our experience enables us to look at the whole person, not just the injury or illness. There are often multiple factors that contribute to pain or impact on an injury. Working together, we offer bespoke solutions to help you address these factors, achieve a range of personal goals, improve your resilience, performance and ultimately, enhance your health.
Why Trinity Physiotherapy?
• We provide a hands on, evidence based approach to treatment.

• We are specialists in treating conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system whether that be due to an accident, injury or illness, overuse or just symptoms that have developed over time.

• We take time with our clients, ensuring we are thorough and deliver a service that puts YOU at the centre of everything we do.

• We provide high quality – our Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in the profession. We will devise a complete treatment program that leads to lasting change.

• We offer appointments without requiring referral – our Physiotherapists are experts in working as first contact practitioners so we don’t require a GP referral to assess and treat you.

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We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that you are happy exercising in. Please be prepared to remove outer clothing and change into shorts and T-shirt so that your physio has the optimum chance to observe and treat your problem.
Please bring any information relevant to your injury. This may include referral letters and scans or X-rays. If you have a sports injury or foot/ankle problem, the Physio will find it useful to see your shoes, including running shoes.
Your Physiotherapist will provide an invoice for you at the end of each appointment. You can pay by cash, credit/debit card or by bank transfer. If you are using an insurer, please ensure your physio has your membership number and authorization code so they can process the billing on your behalf.
All of our services are included in our standard appointment costs. You will not have to pay extra for acupuncture / taping etc. Please see our fees page for more information.
The majority of our work is in the clinic and gym setting. However, please contact us directly to discuss home visits which can be arranged at the discretion of the physio, subject to availability.