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Weybridge and Woking

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We have clinics available in Weybridge and Woking. Information on our services and fees can be found in the links at the top of the page.

Trinity Physio

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New Offer! Physio Wellness MOT Package

Who would benefit from a physio wellness MOT?

Everyone! But in the current climate ask yourself:

~ Have you been moving less than normal during lockdown?

~ Has working from home bought about any new aches or pains?

~ Have you recently restarted your sport or hobby, or are you looking to do so soon?

~ Are you feeling stressed or has your sleep been affected by lockdown?

What does it include?

~ Initial Consultation: This will involve taking a history of any recent symptoms, any previous injuries you have had, and questions to find out more about you - how you move, what demands are on your body etc.

~ Movement screening: This is a detailed assessment of your physical function and how you move, including any tests needed to diagnose a movement dysfunction or injury.

~ Personalised exercise program: Your Physiotherapist will devise a bespoke program of exercises to address any problems or movement dysfunctions identified that could lead to future injury. This may include exercise to improve mobility, strength or stability.

~ Optional 2 treatment sessions: These treatment sessions are determined by the findings of the assessment but may include massage or mobilisation techniques to address any areas of tightness of stiffness that have developed.

Call now on 0800 086 2846 to receive 10% off

Physique, our rehab and sports injury product supplier...

At Trinity Physiotherapy we are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Physique Management Ltd, our sports injury product supplier.

We know how important it is for you to have the products you need to continue and perform your rehab programmes whilst away from the clinic. Physique Management provide over 3,000 products ranging from:- rehabilitation equipment, first aid, supports & braces and much more. Along with their experience and vast product range, the next working day delivery means you can get the products quickly to start or continue your rehab as soon as possible.

As an added bonus we have negotiated an exclusive 10% off non promotional items from You can access this offer by clicking on the link below which will automatically apply 10% off to any purchases, or, by entering the code TRINITY at the checkout.